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    The hull of the Oru Kayak is made from a custom polypropylene with a 10 year UV treatment and has been rated 20,000 folds!
    We suggest you treat your Oru Kayak like a fiberglass boat, but don’t worry if you hit a’ll be fine! Click here to watch our incredible Durability Video.
    Warranty - The Oru Kayak comes with a 12 month Warranty. Click here for full warranty details.

      All of our kayaks are lightweight and have great handling. Each model is a little different, and have been extensively tested in their respective environments - lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans. For more details see the Kayak Comparison chart below.


        We do our best to process and ship orders within 2-5 business days. Please keep in mind that we get backlogged during the holiday season and it could take a little longer. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us by email or live chat and we’ll be glad to help.

      Standard Ground Shipping

      Amount advertised on the website. Ships in 2-5 business days. Final delivery by UPS — Up to 10 business days (due to high volumes during the holidays, delivery delays are expected and delivery before Dec. 25 is not guaranteed on orders placed after December 11th. 

      Holiday Shipping
      Oru Kayak will not be shipping from Dec. 23 2016 - Jan. 3rd 2017

      *Since each boat is made by hand in the USA, lead time can differ by product. All items will ship together, unless indicated otherwise.

      We ship Oru Kayaks around the World! To calculate shipping and taxes, use the calculator below.


      Access to Adventure

      This post is intended to help you decide which Oru Kayak is right for you! We will quickly review each Oru Kayak model, its unique qualities and which model suits you best. 

      Let’s start with our bestselling kayak!

      The Beach LT
      The Beach LT is Oru’s first recreational kayak at 26 lbs and is designed for ease of assembly and enjoyment. The larger, open cockpit (sitting area) is designed to make getting in and out simple and allows you room to keep things behind you or between your legs. It also provides ample space for taller folks to position their knees. The Beach is the perfect beginner’s kayak and is a great to have any of your friends or kids splash around in! 
      Who should buy the Beach?
      1. If you are a person who loves floating around, traveling through calm waters and exploring shorelines.
      2. If you love relaxing, chasing friends or floating through seemingly unexplored inlets at your favorite lake, you will love the Beach.
      3. If you are looking to take a cooler, small child, a puppy or go fishing. 
      Who should NOT buy The Beach?
      1. If you are looking for a kayak you can take into waves or choppy water (including white water) this is not the boat for you. The large open cockpit (like most recreational kayaks) allows for great comfort and ease of entry, but also makes it easier for larger waves to dump in your lap.
      2. Unlike our other kayaks, the Beach does not have a coaming to fit a skirt like the Bay or Coast.
      3. If you’re looking to progress your kayaking abilities. 
      Recommendation: For more adventurous folks who would like to take kayaking to the next level, The Bay and the Coast can develop your kayaking techniques as well as take you on longer and stronger waters.
      The Bay ST 
      The Original Origami Kayak! The Bay ST is perfect for cruising around and exploring waters or coves. It has a closed cockpit that allows you to put a spray skirt on and take on rougher water conditions. The Bay is intended for protected waters, but has been tested on Class III rivers and played in 6 foot waves.
      NOTE: Class III rivers are not recommended, but demonstrates the durability of the Bay.
      Who should buy the Bay ST?
      1. If you want a kayak that is quick and comfortable or if you are looking for a kayak you can learn with, the Bay has enough features that you can develop your paddling techniques.
      2. If you plan on going out in any kind of conditions; ie choppy waters, waves, rain -- the Bay is designed to fit a spray skirt and float bags. The skirt will keep water out, but in the event you capsize and can’t roll, the float bags will help make rescues easier.
      3. If you enjoy traveling in protected waters. 
      Who Should NOT buy the Bay?
      1. If you are taller than 6’2.”
      2. If you have long legs.
      3. If you don’t like sitting inside a kayak. 
      Recommendation: For taller folks, the Coast XT is designed for more extendable legroom and the Beach’s open cockpit allows more space for bent knees. If you are concerned the cockpit (16”X 30”) is too small, then the Beach’s open cockpit is a great way to get in and out of the water without having to worry about cockpit size!
      The Coast XT
      The Coast XT is our longest kayak, at 16 feet long and 25” wide with a 400 lbs capacity, these boats can take you places! The Coasts performance is comparable to traditional non-folding kayaks and handles open seas just fine. It is well suited for touring or camping. 
      NOTE: Know your limitations and contact your local kayak shop for instruction before paddling open waters. You will want to get float bags and other safety gear before heading out.
      Who should buy the Coast?
      1. If you’re looking to camp or go for that long paddle and want to carry some serious gear, the Coast XT is perfect.
      2. If you are looking for a workout in the morning, the Coast can give you that! You do not need to be an expert to paddle the Coast, it is very stable and a great boat to learn in!
      Who should not buy the Coast?
      1. If you are looking for super simple assembly and just want to poke around in small coves, the Coast, might be too much kayak for the job.
      2. If you do not like the idea of sitting inside a kayak. 
      Recommendation: Though the Coast XT has more legroom than the Bay, if you are taller than 6’4,” the Beach’s open cockpit is easier to get in and out of. If you are concerned that the cockpit (16”X 30”) is too small, then the Beach’s open cockpit is a great way to get out on the water without having to worry about size!
      In general the Beach LT is a recreational boat designed to make getting on the water more accessible for everyone! The Bay ST, is the original fun and nimble boat that started the Oru foldable kayak and does well on bays and has a closed cockpit. The Coast XT is designed for longer distances, greater carrying capacity and is fantastic for taller folks. All our Kayak models are great for traveling by plane or car and can fit into our convenient Oru Packs for hiking. 
      Overall Recommendation:
      Height is an approximation. Leg size and body proportions vary by person. If you are concerned about comfort, your best bet is to sit in an Oru Kayak before buying one. You can rent an Oru Kayak at and if you decide to purchase one the rental amount will go towards your purchase made off of Or to just take a look at an Oru Kayak, contact your local retailer to take a look and sit in one of these bad boys.
      Oru Kayak is proud to partner with Affirm, a financial technology company that gives shoppers the flexibility to buy now and make simple monthly payments for their purchases. Unlike payment options that may have compounding interest and unexpected costs, Affirm customers know upfront exactly what they’ll pay — with no hidden fees and no surprises. To get started:
      1. Select Affirm as your payment method on the Oru Kayak's checkout page where you will be redirected to Affirms website
      2. Enter a few basic pieces of information to identify yourself and Affirm let you know if you are approved for a loan
      3. Review your payment plan details and click confirm to finalize the loan 
      Once you’re done, your purchase will be on its way and your first monthly payment will be due one calendar month from when the Oru Kayak completes processing your order. That's it! Just remember to pay your bills on or before their due dates or sign up for AutoPay at
      Here is a quick video describing the process. 
      Oru Kayak, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of its original ship date. If a problem occurs, you must contact Oru Kayak in a timely manner, either by phone at 415.630.3717 or email at, and obtain a Return Authorization Number. Once a Return Authorization Number is obtained, you must promptly ship the product, postage prepaid, to Oru Kayak, Inc. for inspection and warranty consideration to the return address that will be provided. Any product that is covered by this warranty and that is found in the reasonable judgment of Oru Kayak, Inc. to be defective in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at Oru Kayak’s option. All covered repairs or replacement products will be made at no charge during the warranty period and within a reasonable period of time.

      This warranty does NOT cover

      Products used for commercial or rental purposes; normal wear and tear, including punctures, cuts and abrasions sustained in normal use; damage caused by accident, neglect, or misuse; damage caused by improper storage maintenance, or handling; damage caused by extreme weather or environmental conditions, including white water conditions; products that have been structurally altered or modified; damage caused while the product is in possession of a freight carrier or party other than Oru Kayak; cosmetic wear, abrasion, or damage caused by excessive UV exposure; and products determined to have been used for any activity other than an activity that is intended or customary for the product.

      Activating your warranty

      The warranty registration form should be completed within thirty days of original purchase or receipt of product to be activated. It is suggested that you keep your sales receipt should it be required in the future for proof of purchase.
      To register your warranty please go to the link below:
      - Warranty Registration

      Limitation and disclaimer of implied warranties

      To the extent permitted by applicable laws:
      Oru Kayak does NOT make any implied warranty of merchantability as to any product or part, whether or not the product or part is covered by any express warranty herein;
      Oru Kayak does NOT make any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and there are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof;
       • In those jurisdictions where the implied warranties may not be disclaimed, any implied warranty is limited in duration to the duration of the express warranty described in the warranty statement. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

      No liability of incidental or consequential damages

      The repair and replacement remedies described in this warranty are the owner’s sole and exclusive remedy. In no event shall Oru Kayak be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

      To validate the warranty, you must register your Oru Kayak within thirty days of receipt of your kayak. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

      Return and Refund Policy: 

      -Purchased but not shipped:
      10% processing fee

      -Shipped (within 30 days):
      15% restocking fee, customer pays shipping both ways.

      -No returns after 30 days

      To find out if you're eligible for a return and to obtain a Return Authorization Number, please contact Oru Kayak by email at, and include your name, order number, and Hull Identification Number. 

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