Behind She Explores: Why I Podcast

April 27, 2017

Kayaking podcast

Any given Tuesday: I’m sitting on the floor of my carpeted den. I’m leaning against the big couch, it’s ugly and oh-so-comfortable. There’s a tangle of cords next to my lap. Strewn about are papers covered in my messy script. Words are crossed out and there are arrows indicating paragraphs I’ve rearranged.

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On Going Nowhere

April 21, 2017

Kayaking mountain lake

So much of life is about progress. Think about it. Pick apart your day and try to come up with a part of it that doesn’t represent progress in some way. You get up, shower, drive to work. The entire point of work is forward movement and accomplishment. After work, you may be rushing to meet any number of deadlines - meals, kids’ sports practice, a movie starting time. There are always bills to pay, meals to make and then clean up, clothes to wash and then wear again. Progress.

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36 Hours in San Francisco

April 19, 2017

Kayaking Golden Gate Bridge

You arrive at SFO and load all your gear into a Lyft and get dropped at The Ferry Building. First stop Blue Bottle Coffee, grab your preferred brew and then stroll through the Ferry Building Farmer's Market and grab fresh cheese, mushrooms, risotto and of course a bottle or two of wine. Don’t forget to buy your ferry ticket to Sausalito at this point either.

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Go Anyway

April 14, 2017

Kayak setup

When I start complaining to someone, sometimes it feels like I can’t stop. The break lines are cut. I’m careening down a road of negativity and all I can do is hope the airbag isn’t faulty. Cut scene to yesterday afternoon. It had been a day. All I wanted to was to nurse my wounds with a bottle of cheap wine and television static. My bones were tired. But when I looked at my phone, a text message on the screen presented an alternative: “Want to go kayaking?”

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Impractical vs Impossible

March 30, 2017

Kayak sledding

Colorado is not known for its beautiful bodies of water. It’s a place where rivers like the Rio Grande come to begin their journey to the sea. Most of that water moves on to live a life elsewhere, far from the steep slopes of the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of excellent hikes up to subalpine lakes but when you’re looking for a change of pace - a bit of creativity and a few reckless friends may be all you need.

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Durable Enough For Your Worst Ideas

March 08, 2017

Snow kayaking

Spend enough time on this website and you’ll stumble upon a video of a man assaulting an Oru kayak with a hammer before unceremoniously tossing the boat off a roof. The first time I watched it, I actually gasped and pressed my hand to my chest like a damsel in some old-timey Western.

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