Prepping For Your First Overnight Kayaking Trip

May 25, 2017

Packing for kayaking trip

Up until rendezvousing with a group of friends outside of Big Bend National Park one fine fall afternoon, I'd never spent more than a few hours kayaking. Our objective was three days on the river, paddling the Rio Grande and splitting hairs between Texas and Mexico. I've had a lot more experience in overnighters on the trail and to my surprise, my experience on the river wasn't much different.

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A Paddle Doesn't Make a Good Coffee Spoon

May 19, 2017

Making morning coffee

'Desaaayuuuunooooo!', my buddy would loudly yell down the hallway for our morning wakeup call. Breakfast is exciting no matter what language you're speaking, and though I'm not skilled in the art of early rising - you can't really argue with friends who are stoked on meeting you at daybreak for a meal and a paddle before heading off to work.

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Undoing Monotony

May 11, 2017

Carrying kayak

In every group of friends, you can usually boil people down to certain stereotypes - the planner, the joker, the serious one, emotional one, etc. From high school friends to now, I've been considered the Enabler. I wear that badge with honor. If I see something or think a scenario would be funny (usually a tad dangerous), I'll suggest a friend try it. "Hey wouldn't it be hilarious if you jumped that fence and chased the sheep?" "Huh, yeah it would be. Let's try." Hilarity ensues, we all have fun, most of the time come away unscathed, and we go about our day.

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What's the Deal with Seattle?

May 05, 2017

Kayaks in the city

Yeah, what is the deal with Seattle?

It’s that more uptight version of Portland right? Didn’t they just break a 122-year-old rain record? Well, yeah, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. We’re talking about why Seattle rules. How often do you see float planes flying around your town? Not that often. Because you don’t live in Seattle. They’re like seagulls in the Emerald City. You’ve heard of #vanlife? We’re talking #boatlife. Sure there’s the rain, but it’s the water and Seattle’s proximity to it that sets the city apart from others across the country. At the heart of this seaport, in the center of downtown, you’ll find Lake Union.

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Behind She Explores: Why I Podcast

April 27, 2017

Kayaking podcast

Any given Tuesday: I’m sitting on the floor of my carpeted den. I’m leaning against the big couch, it’s ugly and oh-so-comfortable. There’s a tangle of cords next to my lap. Strewn about are papers covered in my messy script. Words are crossed out and there are arrows indicating paragraphs I’ve rearranged.

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On Going Nowhere

April 21, 2017

Kayaking mountain lake

So much of life is about progress. Think about it. Pick apart your day and try to come up with a part of it that doesn’t represent progress in some way. You get up, shower, drive to work. The entire point of work is forward movement and accomplishment. After work, you may be rushing to meet any number of deadlines - meals, kids’ sports practice, a movie starting time. There are always bills to pay, meals to make and then clean up, clothes to wash and then wear again. Progress.

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