Image #1: A woman and a man holding their foldable Oru Camp furniture at a train station. Image #2: Family loading up their foldable Oru Camp furniture on top of the car.
Oru Camp furniture folded outdoor

Oru Camp Now In Black!


Oru Camp

Introducing Oru Camp- Origami essentials for any adventure!

Man and woman unfolding their Oru Camp furniture outdoors showing easy 1-minute assembly
Close up of Oru Camp Switch table storage compartments to store beverages


Style meets function to create the ultimate lounge chair. A convenient, hidden storage compartment is perfect for stashing your stuff at the beach, park, or anywhere else. The super solid, ergonomic surfaces mean no more saggy fabric and sore spines.


This might be the most versatile piece in the collection! It's extremely durable, stackable, offers storage, functions as a stool, foot rest or side table! Weighing just under 5 lbs you can easily fold it up and take it with you anywhere!


This convertible height table allows for dining and food prep as well as the perfect coffee table all in one. Two separate storage compartments means no more soggy snacks- keep one side for ice and drinks and one for dry goods. It can even be used as a bench for two people!

Bring along the comforts of home.

Stylish contemporary design of the poplounge and switchtable
People sitting on their Poplounges and placing plates on the switchtable
Close up of Oru Camp Switch table storage compartments to store beverages

Built-in Storage

Stash all your things inside- from ice-cold drinks to cozy blankets.

Woman and man setting up their switchtable


Rigid, sturdy, and built to last- just like our kayaks.


Fold from a box in seconds. Light and easy to carry.

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