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Kyle Hayes

by Roberto Gutierrez

My girlfriend bought us two Oru’s back in the winter of 2015. We’ve been thrilled with our kayaks, and have explored a lot of beautiful flat waterways in the greater Bay Area since then. The ease of chucking them in the back of my hatchback and hitting the road removes for me the nagging barrier of "roof-top-storage anxiety". Plus, if we decide to stop in towns along the way, our kayaks are always secure.

One of my favorite trips so far has been Blacks Point to the Petaluma Turnaround. I was born and raised in Petaluma, but before getting my Oru I’ve never commuted home via the San Pablo Bay to downtown Petaluma river route. It was an incredible new perspective on scenery I’d seen perhaps tens of thousands of times before.

I look forward to the next adventure!