Why Kayaking?

Dogs and kayaks

By: Elena Pressprich

Many people ask me, “kayak or paddleboard”. To me, kayaking is an easy “kayak yes!” choice. I have tried paddleboarding numerous times, and while I do enjoy it, I do prefer the comfort of being able to sit and bring (more of) my adventure toys along for the ride. Kayaking has been around a lot longer than the sport of paddleboarding, and I love that you can really get the the Oru kayak into any lake you want! The fact that the Oru kayak folds and fits into a (large) backpack makes this watercrafts list of places it can go much longer.


If you are like me, and not that well balanced or graceful, kayaking is a more stable choice. The Oru kayaks are quite stable and I feel really safe in it! Especially the sitting down factor plays into that more stable feeling versus a paddleboard. Now, I haven't tested it in any kind of white water, but I would imaging that they do okay in subtle, small rapids.

Beach Kayak Oru with Dog


Both could be better than another here, but with the extra stability a kayak offers, you can paddle more confidently with good control in a kayak. For example, a sea kayak, which is really long, may not be able to make as tight of turns as a smaller paddleboard. With a smaller paddleboard, however, you likely lose stability.


A kayak easily has more options for gear storage, because you can basically fill the bow and the stern areas. With a paddleboard you have to tie things down with bungees and you run the risk of getting your gear wet if you don’t have it in a dry bag.

Oru Kayak Stability

Go the Distance

I think it's fair to say that with a kayak, and the option to bring a lot more gear with you, you can physically go farther, camp and continue. Orus sea kayak, The Coast Series, is certainly the beast you want if you're looking for long distance travel and for travel in the oceans. “A 16’ long adventure kayak, inspired by traditional Arctic kayaks, giving the Coast superb speed and handling. It’s capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. It’s also amazingly smooth, fast and fun for anyone—even novice paddlers”, from the Oru website.

Fishing & Sightseeing

Because you're seated when kayaking, having your fishing gear close at hand and without risk of it falling out, fishing from a kayak is really comfortable and easy as well. Taking in the sights, along with your cup of coffee or evening brew in hand, is a cinch and a lovely way to wake up or wind down at the end of the day. Not to mention, the Oru kayaks are a beautiful sight themselves!

Puppy in a boat

Weather / Conditions

While in both paddleboard and kayaking, you can get a really good workout in, and with paddlebaording, you are probably working on more stabilizing muscles, both can be a good challenge or you can leisurely paddle around. When it comes to tougher water and wind conditions, it’s certainly easier to paddle around in a kayak. Because you are sitting down lower in a kayak, you won’t be fighting with wind as much as you would if you were on a SUP. Same things goes for water with waves and stronger currents. In a kayak, you sit lower so you are more balanced.

Paddling with a dog

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