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Oru Community,

Four years ago this month we launched our company on Kickstarter. That campaign is why we exist today. We were, and are, awed by the way that engaged people can make things happen!

This week, we’re thinking about that again. We want to urge everyone to use your vote. Running our country is obviously vastly more complicated than running a small company. Politics are often frustrating and sometimes disillusioning. But we’re incredibly fortunate to live in a country, at a time in history, when we can all have a voice and have it counted. So please, whatever your views, go out and vote tomorrow. Get your family, friends, and strangers out too!

We’re not endorsing anyone here—that’s not our place. But we do have one important value that we feel compelled to share.

Our team comes from all over the world. Our CEO, Ardy, grew up in Iran. Other team members and their families include amazing people from Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Italy, Guatemala, China, Peru, France, Australia, and Canada. We’re Buddhist, Christian, Agnostics, and Atheist. We’re straight and gay. We all love what we’re doing and are incredibly grateful that we can do it here. We believe that our diverse backgrounds make us stronger as a company—and as a country. Strivers and dreamers from around the world have always been drawn to the USA, and so often, they’ve accomplished amazing things!

We’re proud to be a small part of that story. We’ve created over 40 new jobs in the USA—most of them in manufacturing—and we just keep growing. We are excited to contribute to this country—while remaining open and accepting of the rest of the world. Our team comes from all over, our kayaks are inspired by the cultures of Japan and Greenland, and we export them to dozens of countries. We believe that our values of openness and acceptance are powerful, optimistic, and necessary in a world that is both amazing and sometimes scary.

Please continue to support the things you believe in—especially tomorrow!


Oru Kayak Team