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What's the Deal with Seattle?

Kayaks in the city

By Adam Wells

Yeah, what is the deal with Seattle?

It’s that more uptight version of Portland right? Didn’t they just break a 122-year-old rain record? Well, yeah, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. We’re talking about why Seattle rules. How often do you see float planes flying around your town? Not that often. Because you don’t live in Seattle. They’re like seagulls in the Emerald City. You’ve heard of #vanlife? We’re talking #boatlife. Sure there’s the rain, but it’s the water and Seattle’s proximity to it that sets the city apart from others across the country. At the heart of this seaport, in the center of downtown, you’ll find Lake Union.

Carrying kayak to the lake

Carrying kayaks to the lake

My first night ever visiting Seattle my friend Davis noticed the sun was close to setting. He looked at me somewhat urgently, “Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?” he asked. I had. “Alright hop on. We only have 15 minutes of light left and I want to show you something.” And off we sped to Gas Works Park. It’s a public park on the northshore of Lake Union and from atop its grassy knoll Davis pointed in every direction - to Green Lake where he lived, to Queen Anne and the U District, Capitol Hill and the Space Needle. To the west toward the Olympic mountains and to the east where the North Cascades stand proud. Bellevue and Ballard, Fremont and Amazon’s massive campus where the Amazombies live. And finally I said, “Davis, this is beautiful and I’ll never remember any of it unless I move here.” So I did. About 8 months later.

Putting kayaks in the lake

Putting on kayak spray skirt

But it had been many months since I’d been to Gas Works again and I was well overdue. So last Friday I traded sunset for sunrise and a motorcycle for a couple kayaks.

Kayaking with friends

Kayaking on Lake Union

When is the last time you woke up in time to watch the sun rise up on the horizon and were left disappointed? We watched the clouds burn off along with the cold, three, THREE rainbows appeared, and we still managed to be off the water and one coffee into our day before 8am.

Kayaking on a lake in the city

Kayaks in the city

Kayaks and coffee

Am I trying to convince you that waking up for sunrise is always worth it? Or am I trying to convince you that Seattle is a beautiful place to live?


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