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Elsa Rhae & Barron: Oru Kayak Inlet Review

Elsa Rhae and Barron (and their adorable dog, Kamp) take us for a spin in the Oru Inlet and break down their experience.

Elsa Rhae and Barron are two full-time nomads who travel with their wonder dog, Kamp. When we first met them, they agreed to give us their review of our Inlet folding origami kayak.

In this beautifully-produced video, Elsa and Barron break down their experience with the Inlet.

They’ve been familiar with Oru since our 2013 Kickstarter campaign and were impressed by the variety of our kayak lineup. The couple were happily surprised at the stability and maneuverability of the Inlet, as well as its super fast, super simple set up and break down. And, at only 20 pounds, the Inlet’s lightweight design makes it easy for the couple to get to and from the water.

Since their nomad lifestyle demanded portability and easy storage, the Inlet made perfect sense for Rhae and Barron. And, it looks like Kamp couldn’t be happier with their decision!

Take a look here:

Our Inlet folding origami kayak is the perfect fit for beginners, seniors and people who want to enjoy lake and slow-river paddling. Check it out for yourself here.