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Undoing Monotony

Carrying kayak

By Greg Balkin

In every group of friends, you can usually boil people down to certain stereotypes - the planner, the joker, the serious one, emotional one, etc. From high school friends to now, I've been considered the Enabler. I wear that badge with honor. If I see something or think a scenario would be funny (usually a tad dangerous), I'll suggest a friend try it. "Hey wouldn't it be hilarious if you jumped that fence and chased the sheep?" "Huh, yeah it would be. Let's try." Hilarity ensues, we all have fun, most of the time come away unscathed, and we go about our day.

Transporting kayaks

Carrying kayaks

Lately my kayaks are having the same affect on my friends and me. The weather forecast shows a sunny day up in the northwest. I'd say it's pretty easy to sit at a coffee shop and continue working for the day, but the boats have another agenda. "Hey wouldn't it be rad if we drove to Deception Pass and went for a quick paddle?" "Well, yeah I guess it would be."

Setting up Oru Kayak

Putting in Oru Kayak

And so friends are rounded up, boats are tossed into Walter the CR-V, and away we go. Even if the weather doesn't look the best, somehow it always seems like a good idea to get out on the water. Slowly but surely, they're becoming enablers.

Kayaking with friends

Ocean kayaking

Kayaking at Deception Pass

These boats are the undoers of monotony. They take schedules, average days, dull moments, and they shake things up. All too often we get caught up in the swift current of life and forget to have fun, to sit in silence on the water, and to relax. So to my boats who show me new perspectives and quiet moments, I'd like to say thank you.

Kayaking at the beach with friends