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The Benefits of Getting Back to Nature

Being in the great outdoors is beneficial for mind and body. Besides just the boost to your mood, an outdoor lifestyle can provide some healthy bonuses.

If you’re a paddler, then you’re already hip to the benefits of being connected to nature. Not only does it provide an entertaining escape from the hustle and grind, there are numerous health benefits associated with increased outdoor time.

Many of us have challenging schedules and numerous responsibilities that can add stress to our daily lives. Escaping from it all (on a regular basis) can make us happier, healthier, stronger and even more focused.

Over the years, there have been volumes of scientific studies that point to the advantages of an active, outdoor lifestyle. Here’s just a few of those:

Eases Depression
In recent years, researchers have suggested that many mood disorders can be eased by spending more time in nature. Ecotherapy, while new, is fast becoming a popular tool for helping individuals manage their mental well-being.

Improves Focus
Outings in nature can give us a much-needed break from the over-stimulation of daily life. This can result in memory improvement as well as improved ability in focusing on day-to-day responsibilities.

Vitamin D Boost
By now, we’ve all learned that exposure to sunshine helps our bodies create Vitamin D, which is critical in helping the body absorb calcium and phosphate from our diets. These vital nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. So, plenty of safe time in the sun* provides a wealth of advantages.

Range of Motion
Outdoor activities, particularly kayaking, can help improve and maintain healthy range of motion. This is especially helpful for seniors who are focused on maintaining mobility, balance and muscle health.

Nature Brings the Happy
Perhaps the most readily noticeable benefit of taking time in nature is the satisfaction and happiness it brings. It’s important for all of us to embrace the beauty and wonder of the nature that surrounds us. It also helps us to create memories with friends and family, enhancing our lives in innumerable ways.

Whatever your reasons for spending more time in the great outdoors, you’ll treasure your renewed connection to the world around you and the enrichment it brings to your life.

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