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Oru Ambassador Spotlight: Adele Ng

Meet the gutsy and talented woman with the heart of an adventurer.

Written By: Pamela Hennessy

Adele Ng is a product ambassador for Oru Kayak. She is, without a doubt, an enthusiastic outdoorswoman and someone with a deep-seated appreciation for nature, the wild and animals of all sorts. Her wanderlust is the stuff of dreams and an inspiration to all of us who long to be in nature.

Adele is also a creative professional extraordinaire. Her visual effects work can be seen in films like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Invictus. After some 15 years in the business, the demands of her career grew less inviting to Adele and she ventured out on her own, focusing on commercial photography and video. Now, she offers photography and related services to private and commercial clients. She also offers private instruction for those interested in pursuing basic photography and editing.

Image: Adele Ng

One particular aspect of Adele’s photography work is pet photography, and she has plenty of inspiration with her own dogs, Whiskey and Bourbon.

Whiskey, a Vizsla (or Hungarian Pointer), is a familiar subject in Adele’s photography. This lovely, red-haired female has been photographed by Adele and her husband, Thierry, in a myriad of amazing and amusing images that span the couple’s travels and outings.

It’s important to Adele and her husband that their outdoor activities are dog-friendly. Taking Whiskey and Bourbon along for the ride has become a lifestyle to them and, the more they do together, the better. Their adventures have included hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and kayaking.

Image: Adele Ng

Adele has a Beach LT by Oru and finds it the perfect fit for her and Whiskey on lake outings while her husband enjoys his Bay ST. Living near Vancouver’s Squamish area, Adele and Whiskey are able to take to the water often. And, though Whiskey’s Vizsla breeding makes her naturally high-energy, she settles in well after exercise and enjoys the water with her mom.

For Adele, the experience is a reset. Growing up in the suburbs of Ontario, she didn’t have much access to nature, and didn’t consider herself a very outdoorsy child. Now that she finds her home near the Canadian Rockies, she takes advantage of every opportunity to connect with nature. To her, it’s been life-changing. 

She’s found new self-reliance and a connection to the earth she hadn’t experienced before. And, she finds there is so much more to learn with each adventure.

While kayaking, she’s developed a closeness with her beloved dogs and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. People will often stop to ask her about the dogs and her Oru Beach LT.

The ability to pack it and go was most attractive to Adele and she’s taken her Beach LT along hikes with it on her back. Being able to travel with her Beach LT has also been freeing to Adele, and she takes it on night paddles, in the car, and virtually anywhere - at the drop of a hat.

She refuses to endorse products she doesn’t enjoy personally or believe in strongly. That certainly makes us feel good and we’re happy to know that Adele is part of our larger Oru family.

You have to treat yourself to some of her amazing photography by visiting and following Adele’s Instagram here. We promise her photos will charm you and touch your heart.

You can also shop for Adele’s print at her online shop here.

We will continue to be inspired by this adventuresome lady and her passion for the great outdoors, and we hope you find joy in her story as well.