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Finding a Quiet Place

By: Roxanna Froese

Kids Kayaking in an Oru Kayak Paddling

Self regulation. It is a common catchphrase these days but do we really know how to apply it  to our lives? How to teach it to our children? With technology bombarding us, we like to spend every minute connected. Now even waiting in a line up, where previously we would have spent our time just breathing and considering our day, we now flick through photos, message friends or send a quick work email. Somehow, as a society we have forgotten to take the time to slow down and rest.  It is in those moments of quiet, that our brains are able relax  and regulate. When our brains are given time to balance,  we are better able to regulate ourselves later. 

 Kayaking in British Columbia without Technology

Here is a challenge for you: Keep track of the small moments in your day that you could allow yourself to rest. Take note how quickly your brain tells you to fill it with business. Focus on allowing yourself quiet without feeling guilty. Look at your summer schedule and consider how many days you have scheduled off for alone time for yourself and/or your family.  Recognize where you feel most at rest, and schedule in some time to visit that place. Don’t forget to leave your technology at home!

 Finding A Quiet Place

Our family finds rest and rejuvenation in nature and by the water. While out canoeing and kayaking, we find ourselves lost in the beauty around us. Even the kids mellow and seem to find their own rhythm again. The more time we spend quietly engaging with nature, the stronger we are to face the challenges ahead of us.

Kayak Camping at Night in Canada