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Customer Spotlight - Kimberly Wheatley of California

How one traveler got lost in nature - and found herself.

Kimberly Wheatley is an Oru Kayak customer who hails from the Los Angeles area of California. Until just a few short years ago, Kimberly never considered herself a very outdoorsy type of person but wanted to start kayaking. As something of an introvert, even a solo visit to a local restaurant can create a somewhat uncomfortable setting for her.

But, in 2018, Kimberly purchased a Bay ST kayak from Oru and decided to put it to the best use possible -- experiencing nature as often as possible.

Her first solo trip was to Alaska and, inspired to become a more frequent kayaker, Kimberly decided to push herself to paddle as many beautiful places as she could, around the world.

Her first big paddle was at Big Bear Lake. Kimberly has kayaked in California, Alaska, Arizona and Norway -- among other places. She soon found herself paddling solo at June Lake in Mono County. Inspired by the lake’s pristine waters, and the region’s rugged terrain, Kimberly soon added camping to her paddling excursions. Combining the two activities gave her new confidence -- as well as a new obsession.

kimberly wheatley kayaking

Because of her solo travel and, always keeping safety her top priority, Kimberly prefers lakes to rivers and oceans. She finds the Bay ST to be the perfect companion due to portability. Its unique design is what has allowed her to get the most out of her solo adventures and its quality build has made her feel safe on the water.

Some of her favorite spots include Banff in Alberta, the Mammoth Lakes at Inyo National Park in California, and the fjords in Norway. To her, each spot has its own, unique characteristics and each one presents great photography opportunities. She found the blue water of Banff National Park and the majestic beauty of the Norwegian fjords to be particularly inspiring and more intense than she could have imagined.

Heading out on her own required personal strength from Kimberly, but the payoff has been without measure. She’s paddled some of the most beautiful spots in North America and Europe and has gained confidence and a new appreciation for nature.

She now shares her adventures (and some incredibly gorgeous photography) on her Instagram account @paddlingwithbae.

Oru is so pleased to be a part of Kimberly’s newfound connection with nature. We’re inspired by her story and look forward to hearing more about her adventures and exciting, new lifestyle.

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