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Cosmo Weems Takes a Spin in the Oru Inlet

See how the Inlet builds, breaks down and performs in lake waters.

Cosmo Weems is a friend and affiliate of Oru Kayaks. Recently, he took our smallest boat, the Inlet, out for a spin while on a social-distance camping trip in Pennsylvania. Eager to get some quality time with nature, Cosmo picked the perfect companion - a folding Inlet kayak.

In this video, Cosmo shows us how quickly the Inlet is to assemble, thanks to its origami design. He also shows us his breakdown process and the attention to detail given to the Inlet’s parts and features.

But, what really got our attention was Cosmo’s amazing surroundings and how at home he was in his Inlet. Paddling through one of the prettiest spots in Pennsylvania, Cosmo enjoyed super smooth tracking and excellent maneuverability with the Inlet. Even when bumping into the occasional log, the Inlet maintained its stability.

Because of its light weight, the Inlet allowed Cosmo to get up to his preferred speed with little effort.

Check out his adventure below.

Come for the Mute Swans. Stay for the daring Oar Selfie!

If you’d like to learn more about the Inlet from Oru Kayak, check out the product page here.

And, don’t forget to subscribe to Cosmo’s YouTube Channel here.