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Next month, Oru Kayak will take eleven journalists on a three-day, all women's paddle down the Colorado River in Black Canyon, Nevada. The plan is to paddle, explore, soak in the hot springs, and revel in the camaraderie of fellow ladies.

This past April, two of Oru Kayaks own went out to Black Canyon to scout the river for themselves. What ensued was a weekend full of silliness, wonder, and creative repurposing of the Bay ST. After looking through their photos, I interviewed Stefania and Angela to try to understand what exactly went down on this stretch of the Colorado that weekend.

What made you want to go to Black Canyon in the first place?

Stefania: We just wanted to go on an adventure outside.
Angela: I wanted a place to be able to abandon Stefania where no one would find out. Like a black canyon, maybe.
S: You failed.
A: Yeah...but it was my first overnight kayaking trip, so that was still cool.

Why did you choose the Bay ST?

We were on fairly calm water and didn't need to bring too much.
S: It was a short trip and the Bay ST has enough storage space for three days.  Actually, the truth is...they were just what was available in the demo closet, ha!

Did you actually bring tents or….?

A: We brought one but there was no chance of rain and it was too hot for a tent, so we left it in the car. We just napped under them – at night we actually slept in the unbuckled hull.
S: Yeah and good thing, because one night the tide came up and Angela woke up floating! I was dry higher up on the bank. But they were super comfy to sleep in.

Scale of 1 to 10, how comfy was the float bag as a pillow?

A: Wouldn’t recommend it. For napping, sure! Stefania didn’t actually use it as a pillow.
S: No i just took pictures of you using it.

How well would you say your leg functions as a plate?

A: Oh, it’s the best. Afterwards, it’s super easy to clean. Who needs plates. What are plates, even.

What was your favorite part about the trip?

S: It was really nice to just discover places with the kayak. Caves, birds. Angela saved a bird!
A: And pulling over and hiking around the canyons. No matter where you explore you’ll eventually find a hot spring.


So that’s it, folks. Head to Black Canyon for QT time with nature, rice crackers, quiet waters, the underside of the Oru Kayak hull – and lastly, your favorite silliest friends.