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A Review of the Oru Kayak Beach LT Kayak

Landscape photographer, Ben Horne, took to the water in an Oru Kayak Beach LT. Check out his experience in his video review.

Ben Horne is YouTube’s first and longest-active landscape photography vlogger. As such, Ben is no stranger to getting around the great outdoors. Recently, he received a Beach LT from Oru Kayak and gave us his impressions of the boat itself and of his overall experience.

In his video (below), Ben shows us the ease with which he is able to assemble his Beach LT, and he does it in just under 5 minutes. He found it lighter than most inflatables, and its folded dimensions (33 x 29 x 12”) make it easy for Ben to pack and take with him.

In comparison to his Bay ST kayak from Oru (our other 12 foot single-person model), Ben finds the Beach LT more suitable for recreational paddling. He and his wife alternate use of their Beach LT and Bay ST models, depending on weather and water conditions.

What’s more, at 6’2”, Ben finds the Beach LT roomy and comfortable, and he is impressed with the space for in-hull storage.

Check out Ben’s video below to get the rest of the story:

We hope you’ll give Ben a follow on his YouTube channel here and check out his website for books and other resources on wilderness photography here.

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