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A Peek in The Design Studio

Meet product designer Forrest and learn what inspired the stream line design for the Inlet Pack!

Our product designer Forrest shares about designing the Inlet Pack.
The Inlet pack was a fun and rewarding project.  The original pack has done a great job when it comes to hiking in your kayak or taking it on a plane but I knew the design could be pushed a lot further. Given the smaller dimensions of the Inlet, I wanted the pack to reflect a more urban friendly environment while still being rugged enough to hike to a remote lake.
A lot of the detail inspiration came from travel bags and bikepacking bags. Both types of bags prioritize strap management, form fitting design and durability. 
Something I am especially proud of is the recycled fabrics we used for the main body of the pack.  Breaking away from our standard color and material specifications was refreshing and really opened up new ways to incorporate the design language of Oru while bringing something new to the brand.