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A Day At The Beach

Oru Kayak Paddling Los Angeles

Known for its consistently perfect weather and countless spots to explore, California is an outdoor lover's paradise. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, you'll spot idyllic beaches one after another stretching all the way up the coast. Each beach has something special to offer and they all have their own unique characters. With so many amazing spots to choose from, it's tough to choose just one for the day, but there's one beach in particular that I've been dying to paddle out at for quite some time.

One of my favorite beaches here in Southern California is the incredible El Matador State Beach in Malibu. This one of a kind beach offers some of the most stunning and unique landscapes you'll find here on the California coast. The picturesque shoreline is peppered with stunning rock formations both large and small which makes it easy to see why this beach is a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike. During sunset, it's not uncommon to see many photographers taking advantage of the beach's unique features. Some of the sea stacks form caves which make for an amazing landscape to explore and photograph.

Pacific Coast Highway El Matador Beach Oru Folding Kayak

 Everyone who walks down the path to the beach is treated to an incredible overhead view of the entire beach. The view from up top gives an incredibly different sense of perspective than that experienced down at sea level. This setup made it easy to scope out a prime spot to launch the Oru in order to successfully navigate the rock strewn shore and make it out to the open ocean. It's important to be cautious of the scattered rocks near the shore, but once you've cleared them you'll have the most amazing view of the rugged rock formations against the deep blue water. Looking down the shore in either direction, you'll be treated to views for days of the one of a kind California coast.

Tips: Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds, make sure to explore the whole length of the beach to find the sea caves and the best rock formations, bring food and drinks since the walk from the car takes you down a fairly steep hill and a few staircases

Oru Kayak Weekday Paddling Malibou

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