Field Testing

Before we send Oru Kayaks out into the world, we're putting the new model through an intense battery of tests. Roberto, our resident kayaking expert and product tester, will tell you he has "the best job in the world." For the past few weeks Roberto has been on the water every day, with one goal in mind: to push the limits of the Oru Kayak.

Roberto has sought out challenging conditions and tested the Oru Kayak in many different scenarios, recording everything with a kayak-mounted GoPro video camera. After each test, Roberto reviews the footage and evaluates exactly what happened, and how the Oru Kayak performed, sharing his feedback with our product team.

We're thrilled to report that the Oru Kayak continues to exceed our expectations; we've learned a few things, and our designers have made some key improvements. After weeks of harsh testing, Roberto's original test kayak is going strong.

And, we're not just testing the Oru Kayak's performance on the water. Roberto has traveled to each test destination by public transit or bicycle, with a paddle, life jacket (PFD), and spray skirt packed away in the Oru Kayak case. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, keep an eye out for Roberto with an Oru Kayak over his shoulder.