16 Feet of Fun

It's taken us a full year to get Oru Kayak off the ground, and produce our 12 foot model. It's a product we're proud of. But we're starting to work on some new models- including a longer version for touring and camping.

Recently we took a 16 foot prototype for its maiden voyage (that's 4.9 meters for you in the rest of the world). It's not the most elegant prototype in the world- we had to weld two sheets of plastic together to get the full length, and good old duct tape was all that was keeping the water out. 

However, the boat performed great! It's fast and tracks like an arrow. On a very windy day in Tomales Bay, it went exactly where I steered it. Most amazingly of all, the duct tape kept me dry for a few solid hours of testing (more reasons no kayaker should go without a spare roll).

Here's one of our original twelve footers alongside the new version, for scale. 


We're unveiling a slightly nicer prototype at ISPO in Munich next week, we'll be sharing more photos soon. And we welcome all feedback as we continue to work on this, and other new products! We'll also be sharing updates on our progress- check in for more on our timeline for bringing this to market.