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We make the most innovative, portable boats in the world—a foldable fleet designed with simplicity, freedom and joy in mind. Our kayaks are packable and compact, but they never compromise on durability or performance—and they are as easy on the eyes as they are on the water.

Our most popular kayaks

Our lightest most portable and affordable base model. It's a stable and beginner-friendly boat that with a capacity up to 250Lbs. Note: For a more comfortable kayak check out Lake+

Best Value
1 Min
Calm Waters

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We've upgraded the Lake! Paddle in comfort with an adjustable footrest, backrest and upgrade compatible seat cushion.

Upgraded For Comfort
1 Min
Calm Waters

Save $140

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The fan favorite! The Inlet is one of our lightest, most portable, and easiest to assemble folding kayaks. It has a weight capacity of 275Lbs with a max paddler height of 6'2"

Perfect Starter
3 Mins
Calm Waters

Save $180

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The Beach LT is perfect for fun, easy, and casual paddling on calm water. Great for all sizes this kayak can carry up to 300Lbs and is the perfect kayak to bring your dog out on the water in!

Bring your dog!
5 Mins
Calm Waters
Beach LT

Save $240

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The Beach LT Sport is agile, sturdy has all our best features and upgrades in one elite kayak. Gel cushion upgrade, reflective decklines and more. Plus our unique integrated rail system allows for great accessories without the hassle of adhesives.

Best for Fishing
10 Mins
Calm Waters
Beach LT Sport

Save $300

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The Bay ST is a closed-cockpit performance kayak that's sporty, versatile, and lightweight! Its built for a wide variety of water types and conditions making it great for new and experienced kayakers!

Fast & Versatile
10 Mins
Choppy Waters
Bay ST

Save $300

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The Coast XT is built for serious adventure and rough water conditions. Its super-fast, easy to navigate and can hold enough gear for days. It's tough enough to handle the open ocean, but still light enough to carry on your back.

Ocean Ready
15 Mins
Heavy Surf
Coast XT

Save $400

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This tandem kayak converts to a single! Built for up to two paddlers the Haven has a capacity of 500Lbs and offers great stability, able room for your dog and your gear! Its unique integrated rail system allows for great accessories without the hassle of adhesives.

Tandem & Single
15 Mins
Calm Waters
Haven TT

Save $400

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Still searching? Find the Kayak that's right for you.


Our kayaks weight as little as 18lbs! Making it one of the lightest boats in the market and portable enough that even our largest models can easily fit in the trunk of your car.


Oru Kayaks are puncture and abrasion resistant. They can withstand sliding over rocks, bumping into obstacles, and are rated for 20,000+ folds.


Get ready to explore outside the box and discover the beauty of the outdoors with endless adventures in your Oru Kayak!


Our kayaks are easy to assemble—no loose components and no tools needed. Transform from box to boat in as less than 1 minute!

Transform the way you connect to the outdoors

Common Questions

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No roof rack? No problem! Check it on a plane, tuck it in your trunk, or stash it in your garage.

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We make the most lightweight kayaks around—starting at just 20 pounds. Give your back a break, and save your arms for paddling.

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Anywhere—from a pond to the Pacific. As packable as an inflatable with the performance of carbon fiber. Feel it glide like a dream.

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10 Years of Innovation

  • A decade of relentless testing and design
  • Origami technology
  • Durable, custom-extruded corrugated high-tech OruPlast™

Over 100,000 Kayaks Sold Worldwide!

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Women carrying her kayak


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Man folding his kayak



Man kayaking in the lake surrounded by forest
Man folding his kayak

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One of the biggest challenges people have is simply getting their kayak to the water, and at 20 lbs—this is not a challenge to get to the water.

- Paddle TV

When put together, it doesn't look like something that came out of a square box. It looks like a real kayak. And man, does it fold cleverly.

- Outside Magazine

Oru Kayak makes getting on the water an easy and seamless experience one that single handedly makes the sport of kayaking much more accessible for those that don't have the traditional transportation methods needed to cart a kayak around.

- Men's Journal

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