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Seam Channels (set of 2)

Seam Channels (set of 2)
Seam Channels (set of 2)

Seam Channels (set of 2)

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These are the channels that close the top of the deck, where the two halves of the kayak meet in the middle.

Features +

• Seam channels were only used in older models of the Bay and Coast, until they were replaced by zipper channels in the newer models. 

Compatibility +
• The length of the seam channels are different between versions and models!  Please make sure to select the correct option to ensure the length of the channel will fit your boat. See details below:
• Bay Kayak with 4 removable seam channels: Earlier versions of the Bay kayak had 4 removable seam channels. Length: 24-15/16 inches
• Bay Kayak with 2 removable seam channels: More recent versions of the Bay kayak have only 2 removable seam channels (not zipper channels!). Length: 32-1/4 inches.
• Coast Kayak with 4 removable seam channels: This is only for Coast Kayaks that have seam channels (not zipper channels!) Length: 32-1/4 inches.
The most common length is 32", but measure yours at home to make sure. If your seam channels don't match any of these, please reach out to us at before ordering. 
Installation Instructions +

No installation instructions required. For help with assembly, check out our guides and videos





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