Oru Beach Kayak - Blue Print

We started Oru Kayak to make the outdoors more accessible—and the Beach is our clearest expression of that goal. We're pretty sure it's the easiest collapsible boat in the world to put together—it takes just three minutes. Its 28" width makes it stable and comfortable. It's perfect for fun, spontaneous day trips, and sharing with friends and family. While it may be our friendliest boat, it's still built to our usual high standards of strength and durability.

These 10 boats are the last of an exclusive run of unique Beach Kayaks. Minor cosmetic imperfections may be found on these initial test boats, but these won't affect performance and the boats come with a full warranty. We are offering them at a steep discount, so get yours before they run out!

NOTE: All images are renderings, they are not images of the final product.