Customer Experience (CX) Lead - Application

Company Description

Oru Kayak is a San Francisco based company that manufactures high-performance, folding kayaks. Each kayak is made from a single, seamless sheet of double-layered, recyclable plastic. A patented folding pattern transforms the flat sheet into a sleek, sturdy watercraft. Packed up, Oru Kayaks are the size of a large suitcase. On the water, they're both fast and rugged, with terrific handling. Best of all, going from box to boat takes minutes. Apartment dwellers can stash an Oru Kayak in a closet or car trunk. Sailors can keep several on board to paddle to shore. Travelers can check kayaks on a plane. Backpackers can hike Oru Kayaks into remote, untouched waters. Oru Kayak uses innovative design to enable access to the great outdoors.

Role Description

This person is responsible for championing exceptional customer service, taking a proactive approach to listening to our community, and reporting the right information back to the right teams.  We are looking for a high energy person, with patience, and strong sense of empathy in difficult situations.  This person must be customer-centric, with a passion for cultivating great experiences.


Daily tasks will include:

  1. Customer Service - answering customer queries and service requests through email, text, website chat, and Facebook messages.
  2. Listening to the customer - coordinate UX testing, compile feedback from all channels, and VOC reporting.
  3. Project Coordination/Admin Support - working closely with the Director of Customer Experience to support projects, new product implementation, research, and sourcing.

Desired Skills

  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  2. Great analytical and organizational skills
  3. Experience working in a customer service environment
  4. Interest in paddling -  you need to be passionate about what we do
  5. Culture fit - we work fast, learn by doing, and like to get outside

Team Structure

The Customer Experience Lead will report to the Director of Customer Experience.