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Oru Explorer Community

We are launching our new Oru Explorer Program to connect Oru Kayak owners with other potential paddlers in your area! The Oru Explorer Program helps coordinate a meet up, in-person or virtual, to share your love for Oru Kayak and grow the paddling community.

Become a Host:

Connect with other kayakers in your area and unlock great benefits. Show other adventurers all the features and benefits of your Oru Kayak so they can learn more before paddling out on their own. Visit with potential Oru owners to share the joy your origami kayak has brought you and get exclusive Oru Kayak perks.

Explorer Host Perks:

Explorer Host Perks:

Discount on all Oru Kayak purchases

Exclusive early access to new products

A small payment for each completed visit

Connect with other paddlers in your area.

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Connect on the water or at home

Have a conversation with a fellow adventurer, in-person or virtually, about what it’s like to own an Oru Kayak. Share your passion for paddling by meeting up with other kayakers to share your real life experiences

Become a Host

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Oru Kayak host?

All Oru Kayak hosts are real customers, so the first step is purchasing your own Oru Kayak products. Simply fill out the form below and our team will follow up on your application.

What are the benefits of being an Oru Kayak host?

As a host, you'll get exclusive early access to new Oru Kayak products when they launch. You'll also receive a small payment for each completed visit you host plus 10% off Oru Kayak purchases. You'll get the opportunity to connect with other paddlers in your area and grow the Oru Kayak community.

How does Oru Kayak support hosts?

Chat, email, or give our support team a call and we’ll help answer your questions and provide you with the support that you need. Every connection request is screened by Oru Kayak before any connection is made. We know there’s still some uncertainty around COVID-19, and the safety of our community is our top priority. We’re continuing to monitor the situation and are following federal, state, and local guidelines as we collectively work to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the Oru Kayak community.

What are the ways to get involved as a host?

Your host experience is up to you. You can choose from any of the following ways to get involved as a host:

- Host in-person visits at a public location.
- Answer shopper’s questions via text or email.
- Answer shopper’s questions via phone or video chat.
- Share beautiful photos and videos of your paddling adventures.

Apply using the form below if this sounds interesting to you.

Fill out the form below and become part of the Oru Kayak host family.

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