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BRAD AND SANDRA MEYERS - these yaks rock!

Hi “guys!”

Well, I have to say… “these yaks rock! My wife and I have been wanting these for a looooong time., so we did it! We purchased two of them, accessories, yadda yadda yadda. Gotta tell ya’.. probably the most worthwhile purchase I have EVER made. Oh sure, I have a house, nice car and both of my kids have braces, but…I just can’t think of a more worthwhile purchase! We love them, love them, love them! How much do we love them? Leaving next month for our 25th Wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii. Other than my wife, takin’ my yak! Well, both of them actually! What is the point of this story? Simple. your product is amazing. By far the best “toy” I have ever had in my life. Well done everybody, well done!

Of course you can include it on your testimonial page. We need to tell everyone. It’s part of my plan to revolutionize the yak industry!! Oh wait… you’ve already done that. Sigh…. You know what has to be the greatest part of owing an Oru? Going to the lake and using the word “yak” in a most pretentious fashion! It’s awesome. Hahahaha! No wait… you guys are awesome.