Bioluminescence Kayaking Guide

May 29, 2019

Few things create a greater sense of awe than kayaking in bioluminescence. These beautiful waters are scattered across the globe, you just need to know where to look.  Pack up your Oru and start searching for plane tickets!

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Kayaking the Turquoise Waters of Canada’s Desolation Sound

April 29, 2019

It’s hard not to fall for British Columbia, with its beaches, evergreen forests and mountains that plunge right into the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. Tucked into the southwest corner of the mainland province is the Sunshine Coast, a 110-mile stretch of paradise that’s accessible by air or ferry service.

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The Ultimate Gear for The Ultimate Baja Road Trip

March 28, 2019

This past winter, we joined the fine folks of The Outbound Collective for their trip down the entire length of Baja in four old vans. When in search of sun and solitude in the most remote areas of Baja – you must be prepared and bring everything you could possibly some extra fun stuff, too. 

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A Filmmaker's Perspective

January 15, 2019

Filmmaker and photographer Keely Kernan used a Coast XT to paddle the Mississippi River last year in an effort to make a film that explores the river, it's resources and the people that depend on them. Check out a preview and her ode to her Oru throughout this experience.

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Customer Spotlight

January 09, 2019

Our community is comprised of hundreds of incredibly passionate paddlers from all over the world. We LOVE to follow the daily conversations and adventures shared, particularly on the Oru Kayak Owners page on Facebook. We reached out to three of these members and asked them to share a little bit about their story and journey with Oru Kayak.

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Snake River Kayaking Exploration for All-Levels

December 05, 2018

By Dr. Eric Larsen

In my last blog post, we explored the paddling possibilities of several of Grand Teton National Park’s (GTNP) moraine lakes at the base of the Teton Range.  Jenny, String, and Leigh lakes are fantastically beautiful and great padding destinations for you and your Oru, but if you’re like me your eyes will soon turn to the Snake River and its tributaries, the lifeblood of GTNP and Jackson Hole.  Lake paddling is serene and peaceful, but the navigation of rivers is more a more complex undertaking and brings a certain level of interesting uncertainty as you work downstream contemplating the challenges around the next bend.

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