How long will it last?

With normal care, an Oru Kayak will last for many years. See more on how to care for it, below.

What if I hit a rock?

The double-layered skin is extremely tough and puncture resistant. The skin may dent with hard impacts, but dents can be popped out with your hands. Link to video.

Does it float? Will it sink?

The Oru Kayak has positive buoyancy and won't sink even if swamped with water. For additional flotation, we recommend using it with commercial bow and stern float bags. 

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the 2013 Oru Kayak carries a one year warranty on all components.

Will repeated folding weaken the skin?

The plastic (polyethelyne) skin is very strong–it’s manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold. We have not put any Oru Kayaks through 20,000 folds, but we have folded them hundreds of times with no issues. Corrugations increase the structural strength. 

How do I care for my Oru Kayak?

We recommend treating your Oru Kayak as you would a fiberglass, wood, or skin-on-frame kayak. Don’t drag it or bump into sharp things; take good care of it, and it will last for years. See Care and Handling.

What kind of conditions can I use an Oru Kayak in?

The Oru Kayak is primarily designed and recommended for flat water and mild waves. Oru Kayaks are NOT designed for whitewater kayaking or rock gardening.

How stable is an Oru Kayak?

Beginners: it may feel a bit tippy for the first few minutes, especially when getting in and out. We recommend taking a local in-person lesson (see our dealer network), and watching our video tutorial on how to properly enter and exit. Once you get a little practice, balancing in an Oru will feel natural and comfortable, we promise! The cockpit has a wide base and is quite simple to balance carefully in.

Experts: Oru Kayaks have good secondary stability due to the hard-chine hull design; they edge well for turns.

Can I roll in an Oru Kayak?

Yes, it is possible to eskimo roll in an Oru Kayak. Link to Video.

How do I carry equipment paddles, life jacket, etc.?

We love foldable equipment—portability is key to the Oru Kayak lifestyle. When folded up, the Oru Kayak case has space to carry a three or four piece breakdown paddle, and a life vest.

Does the Oru Kayak fit a spray skirt?

Yes, Oru Kayaks are designed to fit most medium-sized skirts, either nylon or neoprene.  Medium Snap Dragon or 1.4 Seals 

- If you are in the bay area check out CCK

Does the Oru Kayak fit float bags?

Yes, it can fit float bags in both the front and rear compartments. Internal ribs in these locations will keep the bags securely in place. Here is a link to the boats storage/float bag dimensions.

Does it have a footrest?

Yes, it has a fully adjustable footrest.

What is the weight capacity?

260-300 pounds.

Can it be used for camping?

Yes, the compartment behind the seat can hold a dry bag. The current model is best suited for shorter trips due to the storage capacity. We’ll be adding a longer touring model in the future.

Can it be used for fishing?

Yes, in fact here is a link showing a Scotty Fishing Rod Holder installed on an Oru Kayak.

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