The Bay

The Bay


The original Oru Kayak, launched on Kickstarter and now in retailers around the world; it’s even the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. On the water the Bay glides like a dream. It's stable enough for beginners, while the length and contouring make it fast and sporty for expert kayakers. There's plenty of room to stash gear (or a picnic) for day trips and short camping excursions. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat takes just a few minutes. Go to FAQs

Kayaks typically ship 1-2 weeks from order date.


  • -Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest
  • -Easy-to-close watertight seams
  • -2 rubber deck straps for extra gear
  • -Easy-to-adjust footrest
  • -Reinforced cockpit for easy entry
  • -Pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity
  • -Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system
  • -Fits standard spray skirts (size medium)


  • LENGTH: 12' [3.7 M]
  • WIDTH: 25" [63 CM]
  • WEIGHT: 26 lbs [12 KG]
  • COCKPIT: 16"X30" [41X76 CM]
  • BOX LENGTH: 32" [81 CM]
  • BOX WIDTH: 13" [33 CM]
  • BOX HEIGHT: 28" [71 CM]
  • US PATENT NO. 8316788
  • Price of shipping internationally does not include customs, taxes or other fees (Duty calculators).
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Gear Packages

Daytripper All you need to get out on the water.

Weekender Give yourself the freedom to roam!

Wayfarer Ready for a real adventure?


The Oru Kayak skin, a double-layered polypropylene formulated to our specifications, is manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold cycles. It doesn't take a calculator to know that’s a lot of days out on the water. The material is tough, resilient, and abrasion-resistant. The two layers offer extra protection and make Oru Kayaks naturally buoyant.

All plastics used in fittings and connections are durable, marine-grade, and UV rated for long life. All metal fasteners are marine-rated stainless steel.


Oru Kayaks are extremely rigid and sturdy. The patented fold pattern allows the skin to act as a monolithic structural unit, without the need for an internal frame. The skin is folded from a single, seamless sheet. The only seam is on top of the boat, above the waterline— and it closes tight with a waterproof seal.

A rigid floorboard reinforces the cockpit (and doubles as the lid of the box). A pair of bulkheads provide extra rigidity. Simple straps and buckles hold everything together.


Oru Kayaks are fully recyclable, and our manufacturing process uses 70% less petroleum than a standard kayak. Another way to save fossil fuels? We highly recommend kayak commuting.


Oru Kayaks are designed and made right here in California. We’re proud to be part of a new wave of American manufacturing—focused on quality, flexibility and continuous innovation. We believe in American workers, American suppliers, and American quality.