Me and the Oru Beach

December 01, 2016

Kayaking in the Bayou

I got an Oru Beach as soon as they became available and have been having a blast with her all summer. She’s been in ponds, lakes, bayous, even the Mississippi River, and has handled them all with ease. And due to her quick and simple set-up, the Beach has become my go-to exercise machine for doing laps at my local park. I look forward to many years of similar fun.

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Quelling the Skeptics

November 21, 2016

Paddling in Greenland

Skepticism. That's the best way to describe the looks that Andrew Yasso and I received upon revealing that we would be paddling 16’ corrugated plastic boats 100 miles throughout a remote fjord system in eastern Greenland--just a stone's throw away from the arctic circle--on a two week-long, unsupported expedition in an attempt to climb the unclimbed.

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Oru On The Mississippi

November 15, 2016

Oru Kayak on the Mississippi

The dread of a failed attempt on the Sierra’s grand Evolution Traverse echoed in the back of my mind. My computer screen glowed with work, but one last moment of procrastination pulled me toward my friend Josh’s blog, which was chronicling his 70-day, 2,300-mile canoe trip down the entire length of the Mississippi River.  I tapped my finger lightly on my desk, picked up my phone and sent Josh a text.

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Adventure on the Mississippi River

November 10, 2016

Coast Kayak On The Mississippi

It started the way many grand adventure stories have—over bourbon.

My boyfriend, Kris, had just successfully completed a roundtable first meeting of five of my gal pals at a favorite Washington, D.C. bar. As we all parted ways for the evening, one pal, Jamie, made the sound decision, along with Kris and me, to pop back into another bar for a closing bourbon and continued conversation. The dialogue was tender and honest, as these spontaneous turns in evenings often are.

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Why it's important to vote

November 07, 2016

Four years ago this month we launched our company on Kickstarter. That campaign is why we exist today. We were, and are, awed by the way that engaged people can make things happen!

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Kayaking the Great Salt Lake

November 03, 2016

Paddling Great Salt Lake

This adventure starts with a backstory, but I’ll make it quick. Promise.

Every August, folks from every corner of the outdoor industry gather in Salt Lake City for a week of meetings, demos, talking about gear and making plans for the year ahead. It’s a lot of time inside.

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