Our Four Year Anniversary

October 19, 2016

Kayaking modeling

Imagine for a moment if you will, a boy sitting in the dark trying to start a fire. He is trying with all his might, but he can’t seem to get a fire started. One day he discovers how to make a spark, but still, no fire. He tries all kinds of tricks to turn his spark into fire, he throws the spark, he yells at the spark, blows on the spark, and yet nothing works; mockingly, the spark just glows back at him. Every time he starts to make progress and sees smoke or a flicker of light, the rain comes or a strong wind blows the spark cold again. But he keeps on trying.

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A Trip To Earthquake Lake

October 10, 2016

VW Bus Oru Kayak

Light poured through the windows as we drove down the bumpy backroad in Montana. Natalie, the VW Volkswagon bus that my boyfriend, Eduardo owns, is the classic adventure-mobile. She comes with a couch-convertible, fold-out bed in the back, plenty of room to chop vegetables on the cooler, and enough space to hide from potentially rainy afternoons.

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Why Kayaking?

October 04, 2016

Dogs and kayaks

Many people ask me, “kayak or paddleboard”. To me, kayaking is an easy “kayak yes!” choice. I have tried paddleboarding numerous times, and while I do enjoy it, I do prefer the comfort of being able to sit and bring (more of) my adventure toys along for the ride. Kayaking has been around a lot longer than the sport of paddleboarding, and I love that you can really get the the Oru kayak into any lake you want! The fact that the Oru kayak folds and fits into a (large) backpack makes this watercrafts list of places it can go much longer.

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Yosemite National Park

September 22, 2016

Road Tripping with Oru Kayaks

The first morning we rolled into The Valley we unloaded the kayaks and hit the trail for Mirror Lake (pets are allowed!).  It was high traffic - and people lost their minds when they saw that we were packing a feline friend.  People have a hard time getting over a cat on a leash.

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The Secret Joy of Type II Fun

September 16, 2016

Kayak Swimming Hole

It was 6 a.m. when Brandon made the announcement.

“There’s fog everywhere. You can’t see a damn thing,” he said, defeated. “We’re not going to be able to hike today.”

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Oru X Outessa at Kirkwood

September 14, 2016

Oru Kayak Paddling Classes Outessa

Sweaty. Dirty. Happy. Late nights, early mornings, lots of talks, walks and time on the water. An adventure filled weekend getaway in Kirkwood, CA with a bunch of other like-minded ladies. It couldn’t be more perfect.

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